What Makes Me Smile

Dutch Brothers Coffee in Sacramento

About a year ago a new Dutch Brothers showed up in my neighborhood. I’ve seen Dutch Brothers before. They are easy to spot around Sacramento. Usually a micro building with a drive thru window plopped in the middle of a parking lot to a small strip mall. Anytime I drove by a Dutch Brothers,  the line of cars would circle all around the small building. I would see cars around town with Dutch Mafia stickers. My partner constantly raved about them.

Clearly Dutch Brothers is popular with a large loyal following. But I’m usually late to the popularity parties. It took me 34 years to see the first Star Wars movie (or I guess that would be the 4th movie). It took me 20 years to finally start the Harry Potter series (btw I am officially a Potterhead). So, I thought maybe it was about time I see what was drawing people to apply for the Dutch Mafia which serves drinks called the Birthday Cake and the 911.

Winters in Sacramento can be fickle. The week before I was in a t-shirt and pulling out summer shorts, and this week the high in the area was the low 50s. That is cold for me, and thought this would be the perfect time for me to try a coffee over at Dutch Brothers.

Now, I’m not a huge coffee person. Someone like me probably shouldn’t even have caffeine. But I do enjoy the taste, so I usually get a decaf Americano. When I pulled up into a packed lane of cars, a delightful girl took my order from my car and helped me customize a drink. She recommended the decaf Americano with mocha and heavy almond milk. WOW!!! So good. Really smooth and just a perfect blend of the chocolate and almond milk.

That week I came back three more times and started my punch card (which is now full and I’m ready for my free drink).  But the superb drink is not what is bringing me back. It’s their wonderful service. From the moment someone takes your order until you drive away, the servers at Dutch Brothers just make you smile.

They asked how my day was, and if I had any plans. They gave the little Miss whip cream on top of her straw which just made her day. They really want you to drive away with a positive start to your day, ready to conquer the world.  Their glowing personalities are infectious and any business could take a lesson on how to connect with customers.

Here is Kaitlyn handing us our drinks with a huge smile. IMG_0184

We have lost our way of friendly customer service to a world of mobile orders leaving little to be desired. But not at Dutch Brothers. You will be greeted with servers interested in knowing who you are and making sure they provide the best service. When I stopped there this morning, Marisa, greeted me with a cheerful smile and said “Hi Laura. A decaf Americano with mocha and heavy almond milk.” She took the time to remember my favorite drink and my name.

Now when I head off to a showing, I always stop at Dutch Brothers to let their uplifting attitudes pump me up for a successful day.  I’ll continue to recommend my clients take the time to drive thru and let some of that Dutch Mafia attitude rub off on them.

People love Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Dutch Mafia not because they are trendy, but because they are connecting people to their soul.  I think what we are seeing from this company is merely just the beginning of something much larger and I look forward to seeing their growth in the Sacramento area.

For more information about Dutch Brothers go to www.dutchbros.com

Are you new to Sacramento? Looking for a great place to lay your roots and need to find a home? Email me at ucdlaura@gmail.com and I would love to help and introduce you to our beautiful city.

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